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  • Highly qualified and experienced team of practitioner treating you with traditional and natural way of Marmani(Kalari) Chikitsa
  • Good Team of skilled and eligible therapists(separate for ladies and gents) with on hand experience
  • Facilities for Yoga and meditation under expert guidance
  • Clean and fully equipped treatment rooms with post treatment facilities
  • Offer personalized nutritional counseling services to complement the treatment plans.
  • Include a herbal medicine dispensary where patients can access natural remedies recommended by practitioners.
  • Create spaces for relaxation and recreation, such as gardens or lounges. A pleasant and calming environment can positively impact the healing process.
  • Implement comprehensive health assessments that go beyond the immediate concerns.
  • Include a fitness center with trained instructors to promote physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop specialized programs for specific health goals, such as weight management, stress reduction, or pain management.
  • Offer continuing care plans for patients to ensure long-term health maintenance.